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LLMs are math & bytes; export restrictions will not be practical in the nuclear non-proliforation sense. The bleeding edge is only 6 months to a year ahead of the open source / commodity hardware versions.

It's more about the large scale projects these tools are applied to being grounded in ideologies of western democracies vs not.

Would be interesting to do interviews and better understand what applications tech innovators in the east see applicable. Are they working to apply LLMs to scale government social ranking systems, build in a particular world view in censorship/alignment of the systems that will replace search engines, news aggregation and social network rank systems ?

How can we apply usage of the tools in western democracies to push towards liberals notions of decentralized control; scientific reasoning. We may be failing here already with heavy "alignment" to particularly ideologies in the centralized mainstream LLMs that most western individuals are interacting with ?

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