The extinction threat of AI reminds me of the (likely mythical) story of people running from the theatre showing the first film of a train pulling into a station. It’s a convenient headline.

With his tech credentials this should be an open goal for Sunak - to be an adult about the whole thing and not just spout the obvious headline. As you say we’ll see.

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As an attorney I constantly deal with the conundrum caused by the need to view data sets as large, fluid masses of information and at the same time as individual expressions of ideas and communications. For example, a piece of evidence or a communication protected by attorney client privilege are categorizations I need to make for my clients. But that’s not how data is created or stored or used. Data is by definition plural and typically too voluminous to consider... unless you have technology to assist.

So yeah, AI often gets data categorization wrong. But as a first cut I’m betting we get to a point that it’s the only possible way to slay the dragon.

And I’m betting others are feeling the same sense that this is tech we need AND need to manage.

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