I'm still holding out for consumer grade LLaMAs that I can run locally and continue to be trained by the consumer.

I have an idea for training one off of my ebook collection and using published literature for its training over, ya know, tweets. Still in the idea phase though right now.

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Jul 28·edited Jul 28

The market is fractured right now in so many ways. And that is good and bad, IMHO.

When Alphabet, Microsoft and Apple start competing to bring personal assistants to the market, that moment will be defining.

The internet as we know it will forever change. It will take some time, but the need for websites and apps, as we have them today, will be a thing of the past. The interaction model will change, and the tools required will finally have a reason to evolve. Just look around; all smartphones are the same these days; it is ridiculous.

The company that will introduce the personal assistant correctly will collect the spoils.

But, with or without AI - we need to catch up in aligning humanity on values and goals.

That's what we should work on.

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