The Era of Generative AI

Hi, I’m Nina — an author, entrepreneur and business advisor.

For many years I analysed geopolitical trends — until I spotted the most important one of our time: the birth of a new type of artificial intelligence — so-called ‘Generative AI’.

The implications of Generative AI are so profound that I believe it has the potential to transform what it means to be human.

In The Era of Generative AI, I will tell the story of Generative AI, and its impact on humanity. I aim to do this in an accessible way by

  • Collating insights from the early pioneers of Generative AI

  • Analysing emerging concepts that have universal implications

  • Building a Generative AI community to learn and grow with

While I’m not a ‘techie’ — I have always been interested in telling compelling stories— this is the most interesting one of our time. Nobody knows how this will all play out — but I can guarantee that it will be terrifying, exhilarating, and utterly fascinating.

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Telling the story of Generative AI and how it will change humanity


Nina Schick

Telling the story of Generative AI and humanity