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Dear GenAI’ers,

THANK YOU for the phenomenal response to this Substack overnight. Hundreds of you have joined the community and reached out regarding your projects. I’m delighted to find so many kindred spirits.

I’ll get back to you if I’d like to feature you — and we’ll get you all talking to one another soon. But for now, I want to trail some exciting content coming this week.


1. Emad Mostaque, Founder and CEO, Stability AI

First up — an exclusive interview with Emad Mostaque, the CEO and Founder of Stability AI. I think Emad is a visionary, and we haven’t even scratched the surface of what Stability AI will contribute to this space. (So much more than Stable Diffusion!) In our conversation, we talk about Generative AI as ‘infrastructure for humanity.’

2. Generative AI 101

Second, don’t worry if ‘Generative AI’ still seems like the buzzword de jour. I will start releasing my analysis on Generative AI. What is it? Why is it different? Why is it a big deal? How will it change the world? Think of it as a kind of ‘Generative AI 101.’

3. Stock up/ Stock Down?

Finally, I will also be dissecting some of the most exciting Generative AI news with a guest who is also well-known in the space. We’ll chat about whose stock is up and down, as well as other tantalising tidbits of information. (PS, I am always keen to receive tips on interesting ‘going-ons.’ Email me at nina@ninaschick.org.)

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