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Is Open AI an existential threat to Google?

Plus the birth of text-to-3D...and other stories in Generative AI.

Hello and happy holidays to all,

My conversation about ‘the week in Generative AI ‘with my friend Henry Ajder was so popular, that we’re back for a bumper Christmas edition.

This week’s tidbits:

Riffusion: Real-time music generation

  • Real-time text-to-music generation is here with Riffusion.

  • Built on Stable Diffusion, it generated audio based on ‘Spectograms’ — or visual representations of sound.

AI-Composer Bias

Deep Voodoo secures $20m investment from CAA

  • The creators of Southpark have raised a $20m investment for their ‘deepfake VFX studio’ from CAA’s Connect Ventures.

  • Deep Voodoo created the deepfakes in the video for Kendrick Lamar’s critically-acclaimed hit, ‘The Heart Part 5.’

  • Intriguing to see the world’s biggest talent agency making a play in this space. An indicator of how AI will transform Hollywood.

(PS — I will be at CES in January to discuss ‘AI goes to Hollywood’ with SAG-AFTRA, the Hollywood actor’s guild. Give me a shout if you’re going to be in town!)

Open AI’s Point-E: Text-to-3D

  • The generative models keep coming….and Open AI keeps delivering.

  • This week, OpenAI released Point-E: a new text-to-3D model.

  • The model is open-source and has vast implications. 2023 will be a year for 3D.

Is Open AI an existential threat to Google?

AI-generated faces proliferate in ‘synthetic fraud.’

  • Fake social media accounts are sporting AI-generated profile pictures.

  • Meta says more than two-thirds of the influence operations it took down this year used AI-generated images.

Wishing everyone a relaxing Christmas break, and if your Christmas has been cancelled because you’re working on Generative AI: get in touch!



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The Era of Generative AI
The Era of Generative AI
Nina Schick