From Apple's AI-narrated audiobooks to Nvidia's Omniverse

Plus AI-generated video spam, ChatGPT detectors and Open AI's $29bn valuation.

Hello from Las Vegas,

I’m at CES this week, where we’ve been exploring how Generative AI is going to change the future of entertainment. More to come on that, but here are Henry and I on this week’s developments in Generative AI.

1. Apple launches AI-narrated audiobooks

  • Apple is making moves by launching AI-narrated audiobooks.

  • Is the AI-narrated audiobook the death of the human narrator?

  • What’s the state of voice-synthesis technologies?

2. Nvidia integrates GenAI into its ‘Omniverse’

3. ChatGPT Detectors

  • Can text generated by ChatGPT and other LLMs (large language models) be detected?

  • What are the hallmarks of content generated by ChatGPT?

  • Why is it so tricky to detect AI-generated content in general?

4. QuickVid: The birth of AI-generated video spam?

5. Is Open AI worth $29bn?

Breakthrough or Bullshit?

Finally, on Breakthrough or Bullshit, it turns out that Henry and I love nuance.

We decided that services like QuickVid are a breakthrough as a new form of content creation…albeit one which will engender a lot of bullshit. (Spammy AI-generated videos, for instance.)

Similarly, we decided that Apple AI-narrated audiobooks are also a 'breakthrough’ for content creation — but that it’s bullshit to claim that AI-narrated audio will replace humans.

We’ll be more categorical next week!

Enjoy your weekend,

Namaste from Nevada,


The Era of Generative AI
The Era of Generative AI
Nina Schick