Apple's Generative AI play?

And other tales from the frontier

Good evening from icy London,

I had great fun chatting with my friend Henry Ajder today. He’s an authority in this space, and we enjoy geeking out on this together. So we thought we’d record our conversation for you.

Our top picks this week:

Stable Diffusion V3 with training opt-out

Do Not Pay

Apple’s M1 Chip and Stable Diffusion

  • Is Apple about to make its big Generative AI play?

  • We discuss the recent announcements that Apple is optimising Stable Diffusion to run on Apple Silicone devices. (Paper here.)

  • Stable Diffusion can already generate an image in an Apple Silicone Mac in less than 18 seconds.

  • Will Apple deploy Stable Diffusion in future products such as its rumoured augmented reality glasses?

Lensa's Soft Porn

  • Lensa, the viral AI app, generates ‘soft porn’. So while men are being imagined as astronauts, women are being imagined in bikinis. (See my Lensa-generated images below… Henry hasn’t tried it so we couldn’t compare notes.)

  • CEO Andrey Usoltsev blames the biases in the underlying model (Stable Diffusion) and says they’re building an NSFW filter.

  • Henry and I ask the philosophical question: what’s better? Models that reflect society (warts and all) or an idealised version of society?

    Lensa generated with photos of my face as input

China’s ‘Ministry of Truth’

  • The Chinese government has prohibited using Generative AI to “engage in activities that endanger national security, damage public interest.”

  • This is the perfect example of the ‘liars dividend’. It gives the Chinese Communist Party the ultimate authority to arbitrate the ‘truth.’

  • Will footage of human-rights abuses conveniently be dismissed as AI-generated?

Bullshit or Breakthrough?

Finally, in a quick-fire round of ‘bullshit or breakthrough’ — Henry gives the news about the Apple M1 chip a thumbs up. This one is a breakthrough, not bullshit.

Enjoy your weekend — the holidays are almost here!

Nina & Henry

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